How to add an addon domain to your cPanel

You can host multiple domains in one hosting account. All you have to do is to add these additional domains to your cPanel as addon domains. An addon domain acts a completely separate site that is hosted on it's own account, though it is hosted along with your main domain. If you add "" to your cPanel, your site will have "" in the URL, but it will be redirecting the user to a specific folder under your primary domain.

Generally you can access your addon domain in the following ways:




Please follow these steps to add your domain as an addon:

Login to your control panel >> Click on Addon Domains.

Here you have to fill the following details:

New Domain Name : New additional domain which you want to add.

UserName/SubDomain Name : FTP Username for addon domain (Once the desired username is created it will also automatically create a folder in your public_html (i.e.public_html/username) for your additional domain. Files for the addon domain will be located within this folder.)

Password  : FTP Password for addon domain (Password for your addon domain)

Please note that the FTP login details for the addon domain should not be same as your main domain.


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