How to change account password

It is strongly recommended to regularly change your cpanel hosting account password. This will help you to make sure noone else has unauthorized access to your hosting account.

You can easily change your cPanel password by following these steps:

1. Log in to your account cPanel and look for the 'Change Password' icon under the Preferences tab. (Also see Preferences).

2. You'll need to fill the following form:

Change cPanel password
  • Type the original password in the 'Old Password' field.
  • Enter the new desired password into the 'New Password' field. Then confirm the new password by re-typing it in the 'New Password (again)' field.
  • Alternatively you may use the cPanel password generator. You'll be able to generate a secure password by clicking the Password Generator button.

3. Click 'Change your password now!' to save the new password.

You can modify your cPanel password at any time. Just make sure it is saved in a secure place.

Also note that whenever you change your cpanel password using this feature your main FTP account password will also change.

Also see How to create secure password

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