How to transfer domain

Domains can be transferred from one registrar to another. However, there are several conditions for the domain transfer to happen.

If you want to change the host for your domain, make sure that:

  • The domain is over 60 days old.
  • The administrative email address with the registrar is one that you can receive the domain transfer requests to.
  • The domain is unlocked. If you change the status of your domain please wait for about four hours before submitting a request for domain registry transfer.
  • The domain status is not any of the following: locked, pending deletion, pending renewal or expired.
  • You should initiate a domain transfer at least 2 weeks before the domain renews to avoid any complications.

Once you have verified the above points, you need to contact your current registrar and ask them to unlock your domain (in case it is “locked” by them). Another necessary condition to transfer the domain registry is the authorization code. Ask the current registrar to provide you the authorization code for your domain, without this code- it is not possible to initiate the transfer of your domain registry to the new host. You can use Whois tools on the Internet to look up the status of your domain and the details of your registrar.

Together with the domain transfer you can ask the current registrar to change the nameservers for your domain to point it to the new server. Alternatively the nameservers can be changed by the new host but not until the domain transfer is completed.

Note: authorization code is valid for a definite period of time. So if your domain registry transfer failed, ask your registrar to provide you with a different authorization code or check whether the one provided is still valid.

When you change the host, you still own the domain name.
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