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Most people are completely sure that they are able to create a fully- operational site without any help or reading/watching any tutorials. They know for sure what their website is going to be about and what it’s going to be called. The design aspect is also considered to be not that complicated. And all those things like email accounts, webmail, FTP files uploading, parked and add-on domains, redirecting URLs, changing file permissions, password protecting directories, MySQL databases, back-ups, etc. Maybe all this is not that easy as it seems at first.

If you want to make your website so that it looks and functions just as if being built by a real pro, you will have to learn how to use the Control Panel (cPanel), provided together with your hosting account. In order to do this you will need to look for a cPanel tutorial, to get to know various features of your cPanel and learn how to use all of them. A cPanel tutorial is not a waste of time but a vitally necessary thing to do before working with it.

Our site provides you with numerous tutorials which cover all cPanel features.

You may not, for example, know how to create an email account, but in case you ever need to setup and then delete one, it would be a good idea to know how. Not everything that our cPanel tutorials will explain to you will include things you might not have heard about, like a MySQL database, but that does not actually mean they do not exist.

There is a great number of things that can be done with your website using cPanel, but first you need to make sure you already know how to use it and our tutorial section is a very good place to start with. A cPanel tutorial will help you to manage your website and make sure that it is a piece of cake for you and you do fully enjoy it. Our tutorials will show you how to do things you never even considered doing before and could inspire you to make your website looking and functioning perfectly well.
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