Difference between Site Builder and RV Site builder

Each hosting plan provided by the web hosting provider MyIdealHost comes equipped with with two site building tools: Site Builder & Templates and RV Site Builder. They have several things in common, however, there is a number of differences, too. In this article we'll enumerate them:

1. Sitebuilder requires username and password to login whereas with RVsitebuilder there is no login page.

2. With Sitebuilder the templates are not categorized whereas with RVsitebuilder you have all the templates as per category

3. With Sitebuilder you do not have a back up in case you have deleted or made any changes to your website whereas with RVsitebuilder you save the website as project and you can republish/edit the same website anytime.

4. With Sitebuilder you cannot create sites offline and any changes you have made has to be published immediately whereas with RVsitebuilder you can edit the site and save it and publish it anytime you wish
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