How to add video in RVSiteBuilder

Adding media files to your site is quite popular nowadays. People add YouTube, Google and other video files to their sites. You may ask: how exactly can I add video to my website using RVSiteBuilder provided by the web hosting company MyIdealHost ?

In this article we'll inform you on how to embed a video file to your site.

First, go to and find the exact video you would like to embed. Under the video you should find the following panel:

Embed video in RVSiteBuilder

Once you click on the Share button the following menu will appear:

Embed video in RVSiteBuilder

Copy the code provided. Then go to your cPanel => RVSiteBuilder and select the project you would like to embed video to. Once done, go to Step 5, click on HTML icon and paste the code in the place where you want the video to appear.

Save the changes made and republish your site at Step 7. It will upload the modified data in your hosting account and make them visible for the visitors of your website.

That's it! Now you know how to embed YouTube video to the site. The same steps can be used to add video using RVSiteBuilder from Google or other sources.
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