How to change logo in RVSiteBuilder

When creating a site in RVSiteBuilder you can upload a logo image to customize your site. Then you are allowed to place anywhere on the page (Step 3). But what to do if you want to change the site logo?

In this article we'll provide you with the exact steps on how to change the site logo in RVSiteBuilder.

First, log into your cPanel => RVSiteBuilder. Choose the project from the list (in case you have several sites created in RVSiteBuilder) and click Edit.

Then, at Step 1 you can change the site logo by browsing and uploading a new image from your PC. Once the image is uploaded, save the changes made.

Change logo in RVSiteBuilder

Finally, go to Step 7 and republish your site.

Note: if the site isn't republished, you'll still see the old page. Every time you make any changes to your RVSiteBuilder site (e.g. change the site logo), you need to republish it. It will upload the modified objects of your website in your hosting account and make them visible for the visitors of your website.
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