How to create blog in RVSiteBuilder

As already stated before, RVSiteBuilder allows you to create a blog, a site or a photo gallery.

We have already explained how to create a site. Now we'll let you know how to create a blog using RVSiteBuilder provided by the hosting provider MyIdealHost.

First, log into your cPanel => RVSiteBuilder. You will see the following screen:

 RV Sitebuilder

In order to create a blog, click on the corresponding icon:

Create blog in RV Sitebuilder

Then you'll need to configure the database for your future RVSiteBuilder blog. This can be done either automatically or you can do it manually:

Create blog in RV Sitebuilder
  • At the first step you'll be prompted to enter the project name, web site title, company name and slogan, choose the site language and upload the site logo (Note: company name, slogan and site logo can be omitted by checking the boxes next to them)
 Create blog in RVSiteBuilder

Once you are ready, click on Step 1 in RV Site Builder icon.

  • Step 2 allows to select the blog template. To choose the desired blog template simply click on it.
Step 2 in RV Site Builder
  • Step 3 gives you the opportunity to edit your blog template: choose the color, change the template position, move the site slogan and company name.
 Step 3 in RV Site Builder

Once the changes are made, click Save.

  • At Step 4 you can add, rename or remove the pages.
 Step 4 in RV Site Builder

Once you are ready, click on Save icon.

  • At Step 5 you can edit the content of your blog:
 Step 5 in RV Site Builder
  • Once the content is edited, save the changes made and move forward to Step 6.

Here you can work with site extras: web page title, page name, page effect, meta tags. (Note: if you are not familiar with it, you can simply omit this step).

Step 6 in RV Site Builder
  • The last step is Step 7. From the drop-down menu choose the domain name you would like to make a blog for and click on Publish icon.
 Step 7 in RV Site Builder

At this step you'll also be asked to enter the login info for your admin panel:

Admin login

Note: before publishing the blog, you can preview it by clicking Preview at the top-right corner.

Preview site 
That's all! Now you know how to make a blog using RVSiteBuilder.
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