How to create secure password

It is very important to keep your hosting account save and secure. There are several ways this can be achieved with. Our tutorial will provide you with the necessary tips on how to create a secure password that can be used for your cPanel, email and FTP accounts, etc. It is recommended to change the password every 30-60 days to prevent unauthorized access.

Try to follow these steps in order to make sure your new password is really secure:

1. Combine letters, numbers and symbols. Also use upper and lower case letters. This makes it almost impossible to "crack" somebody's password. (i.e. instead of "password", you can try "pAsS=)6*%woRd," etc.)

2. Find a good way to remember. You can try to choose the first letters of a sentence that you will remember. e.g. "I have 2 sons called Jack and Scott" gives: Ih2scJaS

Also use punctuation to make your new password more secure. The previous example can be remembered as "I have 2 sons: Jack and Scott", which would give: Ih2s:JaS

3. Try to memorize the password, and avoid writing it down. This makes it possible for anyone to find the paper and change the password without your authorization.

4. Use long passwords. It is strongly recommended not to create a password that's less than 6 characters.

5. Do not use the same password for everything. If someone finds this password, they would have access to everything. At the very least, create a password for sensitive things (i.e. bank account, etc.) and then create another one for everything else (AIM, email, etc.).

6. Another way to secure the password is to use a telephone keypad to encode numbers as letters (and vice versa). Alternatively you can go up one row on the keyboard to change the password significantly. E.g. password will make 0qww294e

7. The easiest way to generate a new secure password is to use the 'Password Generator' tool that can be found on your cPanel. Each section related to setting passwords has it. But remember that such password is hard to memorize.

If you have difficulties with remembering all the passwords you need, try using a password manager. It can store all your passwords securely using a single master password.
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