How to import template in RVSiteBuilder

RVSiteBuilder provided by MyIdealHost hosting provider includes a great number of site templates. There are fixed align, fixed width and flash RVSiteBuilder templates.

You can choose the site template you like at Step 2.

RVSiteBuilder templates

The complete list of RVSiteBuilder templates can be checked either in RVSiteBuilder itself or here.

At this very step you are also allowed to create your own RVSiteBuilder template or import an already existing one. Below we'll let you know how exactly to import RVSiteBuilder templates.

First, log into your cPanel of your web hosting account and go to RV SiteBuilder. Then click on Step 2. You should get the following screen:

Import template in RVSiteBuilder

To import a template, browse for it on your computer and then click on Import button.

That's it! Now that you know how to import RVSiteBuilder templates, you can use a specific template for your particular site.
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