RVSiteBuilder overview

As already mentioned in our previous articles, every web hosting account is equipped with several site builders provided by the hosting provider MyIdealHost for free. We have described Sitebuilder & Templates tool before.

Now we'll give a description of another site builder which is called RVSiteBuilder.

RVSiteBuilder is located in the same section as Sitebuilder & Templates. Log into your cPanel, go to Choice of Site Builders & Help section and click on RV SiteBuilder icon.

A new window will open (see below)

RV Sitebuilder

You are provided with 3 options:

  • to create a website;
  • to create a blog;
  • to create a photo gallery.
Create site in RV Sitebuilder

Once you click on Create site icon, you'll get the following screen:

Create site in RVSiteBuilder

This is the first step to create a site in RV SiteBuilder (the total number of steps is 7). Here you can enter the project name, web site title, company name, choose the site language, upload the logo. Once you are ready, click on Step 1 in RV Site Builder

  • At Step 2 you need to select the site template. The list of RV SiteBuilder templates is divided into several categories for you to select the one that will suit your site. Also you can create your own template or import/export an existing one.
Step 2 in RV Site Builder
  • At Step 3 you can modify the chosen template: choose the color, change the position of template, move the site slogan and company name.
Step 3 in RV Site Builder

After the changes are made, click on icon.

  • Step 4 allows you to change the page structure (add, rename, delete pages, etc).
Step 4 in RV Site Builder

Once you are done, click Save.

  • At Step 5 you can modify the site content. Choose the page you would like to edit and click on either WYSIWYG or HTML icon next to it.
Step 5 in RV Site Builder
  • Once the content is modified, save the changes made and move forward to Step 6.

Here you are provided with site extras: web page title, page name, page effect, meta tags. (Note: if you are not familiar with it, you can simply omit this step).

Step 6 in RV Site Builder
  • The final step is Step 7. Here you need to choose the site you want to publish and click on Publish button.
Step 7 in RV Site Builder

Note: before publishing you can preview the site you've created by clicking on Preview button at the right-top corner.

Preview site
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