Site Builder overview

After logging in Site Builder and Templates provided by the hosting provider MyIdealHost you'll get the following page:
site builder start page

Let's explain every single part of it.

So, at the top you will see the following menu:

 Site Builder menu

Below you will find a short description for each menu item:

 Add a new page

This form can be used to add new subpage. Page name stands for your new subpage name (e.g. "About us"). Then you can select the menu you would like to add the page to.In case you use more than one template in your sitebuilder, you can select the template here, too. When you're ready, click Add. Your new subpage should now be visible in the left-side menu and in your website.

Layout design 

Choose the desired design you want to modify. In order to modify components design (vote poll or news), use the left-side list. If you want to modify website design, use the right-side list.

add-on modules

Using this menu you can add several modules to your site: Contact form, Gallery, News, Quick template editor, Voting poll.

  • To add a contact form, you'll need to enter the mailbox linked to it and the desired form fields (e.g. subject, phone, fax, etc.)
  • Gallery will keep your images well organized. You can add as many galleries as you want.
  • News menu item allows you to add news to your site. This is useful in case you would like to inform your visitors of some coming event or simply share some news. To add news simply enter the desired text and click Add news.
  • With Quick template editor you'll be able to edit the chosen site template.
  • Voting poll menu is used to add a poll to your site.
 Menus option

This option allows to add a menu or submenu to your site. To add a menu, simply type the menu name and click on Add a menu button.


This section allows to modify your company name and website slogan, change the site template and logo, add meta keywords, etc.

 Left-side menu

Left menu make sitebuilder navigation is easy and fast. It allows you to simply click subpage name to edit it.

  • To add new subpage, click Add new page.
  • To edit/add menu, click on menu name.
  • Also there are options to preview the website after changes are made and log out from Site Builder admin panel.

 Site Builder main page menu

After logging in, on Site Builder home page you will see the main menu. Main menu links are the same as the top menu links.

Now you know how to add news, change site template, add a contact form, change the site template, add menu, etc to your site. This will help you to make the site attract new visitors.
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